Constructors for Class

My team has recently been working on a using Swerve Drive. We are using 4048’s public swerve library. I cannot seem to get the initialization to work. This is the error it is throwing: no default constructor exists for class "CANTalonEnclosure". Thanks for any help in advance.

I’m a Java programmer, but I’m pretty sure pointers are declared as VariableType *variableName. Not VariableType variableName*

You have the * in other parts of your code in the correct place to declare pointers.

The C++ formatting is a bit archiatic. Modern FRC programming doesn’t and shouldn’t use the new keyword.

I believe you can just do

ctre::WPI_TalonSRX speedMotor1{0};

but I’m not really familiar with C++

Thanks. Its just old habit. Also when initializing the swerveEnclosures it is throwing a argument doesn't match error. I’m not sure which argument is giving it the problem. Could you possible help me spot it?

It’s because the ‘angleMotors’ are required to be Talon SRX’s, not the ‘speedMotors’. I believe using Talon SRX’s for the angle motors should fix both errors CaptureBlahe

I tried doing that, switch the parameters, and changing motor types. I did however get rid of the motor parameters completely and that worked(but obviously I need these back), which means it is something wrong with the motor arguments, I just can seem to figure out what it is.