Contact for San Jose FIRST Team

I’m sorry if I should know how to look this information up, but I am in need of it quickly, so I need to ask for help just in case I can’t find it myself.

I understand that Sun Microsystems gave support to the San Jose FIRST team of two years ago.

We have a Sun employee as an engineer on our team (811) and I am trying to get the above information to help him navigate the waters inside Sun so as to get to be able to “tap” the right people/budgets.

Anyways, I don’t need to know anything about the level of funding, but I would like a contact so that he can talk with them and get the information that would help him.

You can leave the San Jose team contact information here, or send it to my email address:


PS: I think it was the San Jose team…but if it is another, please inform me.

Ooops…I looked around, and it looks like the team Was Palo Alto…but I am still looking for a contact…if you please :wink:

-Quentin :slight_smile:

Team 192 Gunn Robotics Team got money from Sun Microsystem a few years ago, so I believe that’s the team you are looking for. I will e-mail you the two current contact on that team so you can talk to them about this.