Contact for VSCode HQ

Hey, we are having some problems with VSCode that can’t seem to be answered anywhere on the internet. Does anyone know any contact information for the main HQ of VSCode? Thanks a ton!

Team 2148

VSCode is an open-source project run by Microsoft. As such, your question is quite strange. There is not much dedicated support, but the online documentation is quite clear. Why don’t you try asking your question here and seeing who answers?

VSCode is an open source project. You should be able to open an issue on their GitHub if it’s a problem with the IDE that you’re sure hasn’t been reported before. If it’s an issue with anything FRC-specific, get in contact with the WPILib developers or ask here on CD.

I agree! It never hurts to ask on CD!

If it’s with the extensions, us developers are active on here, so we are happy to help with issues.

There’s a pretty active SO community around VS Code: