Contact Us button non-functional


Hi, I’ve been trying to contact someone in charge of the forum for help with my account, but the “Contact Us” button at the bottom doesn’t seem to be working. Can anyone either give me an address I can contact to help with my account problems or help me with the contact us button?


The “Contact Us” link appears to be a mailto: link with the email address

I suggest using that.


It works for me. The trick is that you need to have a mail program set up on your computer for it to work (and then pick one, send email, etc.)

It’ll send to webmaster @ chiefdelphi (dot) com.

Or you could just PM Brandon Martus.

Oh, and one other item: If the problems are that you can’t edit your signature or post certain items (like pictures/links), you’re probably just running into CD’s anti-spam measures. Messaging Brandon works to remove those.