Contacts for teams 1717, 118, and 1218.

I’m looking for contacts for each of these teams. I’ve been unlucky so far using the search function (it’s just reams of Fantasy First picks).

Does anyone have contact info for these 3 teams? Thanks.

For 1717 you can contact them through

118 has Justin Ridley and Natchez.

I’m not sure about the others; you could probably find them by ordering members via team # and finding their teams on the list.

Instead of searching the threads, search the member list by team number (that option is under the Advanced Search in the member list). Amir (1717) is on CD, among a number of other members.

Word of warning, you want to find one of the people who’s actually been active recently.

For 1218 you might want to try Peter
Maybe you should pm and email

I’ll PM you Amir’s (1717) email.

also, ParkerOlson on CD is a 1717 student member, perhaps PM him?

If you have your team lead go into TIMS they can look up contact information of teams on there (if they choose to).

Just in case you check this thread before your PM’s, please don’t use the email I sent you.