Contest Ideas; Please Help!

Hey Everyone,

My team has a demonstration for a sponsor soon, and the sponsor wants us to do a contest with the demo. Any ideas? If you can help, thanks!:slight_smile:

I’m not clear what type of contest they’ve requested. Is it between your robot & their employees? Team supporters always love a chance to drive the robot. Perhaps you could set up a simple driving or obstacle course and hold a driving contest?

Obstacle course + hoops + any 06 robot= fun contests

simple as that.:cool:

It would help a lot if you told us what you have available.

Also, consider tailoring it a bit to the company that you’re trying to gain sponsorship. Is it a software firm? You might try doing something fun with autonomous mode to demonstrate a big way that software ties in. Maybe it’s a company that makes arms for industry robots - you might use a robot in a game where a great arm was especially useful. Getting people excited about what they could contribute share their talents and how the program could eventually benefit their company is a great way to encourage involvement and sponsorship.

Here a few ideas right off the bat.

  • Anything with track balls! I don’t know about you guys, but those things are enormous and very entertaining to me. Havoc may ensue.
  • Definite second on the '06 shooting. An excellent game, and pretty simple to work with.
  • Dodgeball - humans vs robot + a couple people

The dodgeball could get a bit scary especially with the robot doing the shooting. Remember: it’s always fun til someone gets knocked stupid (often in rapid succession).
You might want to pass on that for liability’s sake.
Better safe than sorry.

I stand corrected. :slight_smile: Lesson: Use your personal judgment when evaluating contest ideas!

Trackball balancing - who can stay up longest!

If you got some VEX kits, make some squarebots and an obstacle course or racetrack.