Continent of Africa heatmap 2024

Needed an excuse to boot up Tableau so I compiled all teams that currently exist in the Continent of Africa.

Total teams in Africa: 3
Total events in Africa: 0

Team Breakdown:

Gambia: 1 (7523)
Lesotho: 1 (8136)
South Africa: 1 (9652)

I have not grabbed any 2023 data to compare team counts, but 7523 has returned after a 3 year hiatus to compete.


So what I’m hearing is make it a district, with DCMP in Cairo (equally inconvenient for everyone)?


Sorry, but I have to disagree.

DCMP should obviously be in Antananarivo so that everyone has to cross water to get there.

Water Game Mandatory.


Gonna disagree here too, it should be in Victoria, Seychelles, so people need to cross water, and its further from everyone!

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Just got a couple around the wrong way.
7523 (SpringBots) are from South Africa, and 9652 (Team Gambia) are from Gambia


I get that some of these replies are in jest, but this doesn’t seem like the place. You’re talking about making it harder for some of the teams with the greatest barriers in the world. This post is in a real/serious category, and the jokes just aren’t funny.


Man, i cant believe i screwed this up. Youre completely right, i had accidentally had Gambia on there twice and fixed the wrong one.


Its not that serious

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Initially, we were gonna see prerookie 202400042 - TRANSFORMERS from Kampala, Uganda compete at the STEMley Cup/Overtime Sunday offseason events this year.

Unfortunately, they had to pull out shortly before the event, and judging by the fact that they’re still stuck with a prerookie number, it looks like they were unable to finish registration and secure a slot at a regional. :cry:

If there are only three teams in Africa, where are all the First Global Teams coming from? Every single team in Africa has a FGC team. On an unrelated note, The Official FGC map The disputed territory of Western Sahara does not exist on the map. Literally, the land is not there.

As far as I know, the only countries to send FRC team students to FIRST Global is/was Poland and maybe Canada (and I am not too confident on that myself.)

Many countries send one of their FTC Teams (The US historically sends the Inspire winner from that years Worlds), and others likely just have a group chosen that is aware of FIRST to represent the country.

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Wow. That makes calling Taiwan Chinese Taipei sound almost reasonable.

As a 3-time FGC volunteer, I can say this with absolute certainty… There’s a very good reason I never got involved in geopolitics… sweet jeebus it’s complex

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