Continued problems with Cypress I/O Board

The PSOC Programmer finds our Cypress board fine and successfully downloads the Hex file.

However, the driver station does not see the Cypress board. As suggested in another thread, we have uninstalled and reinstalled (now 4x) the mandatory update for the Cypress board - no luck. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Go to Control Panel and check that the Cypress Mini Prog 3 service is configured for auto startup and is running.

Are you sure the drivers are installed correctly? Go to device manager and look under the USB heading. Make sure you see the board listed and that it is not “Unconfigured”.

Also, if you press the Button on the board, do the LEDs light up and show you the firmware version of 2 in binary (the second LED lights)? This only works if the driver station is not talking to the board.


Has anyone got this fixed yet? We have spent pretty much the whole day reinstalling the Cypress software, and driver station updates - over and over. The driver station software refuses to recognize the Cypress. All updates have been applied, the Cypress service is running, but it’s just not working. Frankly, we’re ready to throw the netbook out the window! :mad:

You did *uninstall *the Cypress software at least once?
It’s just hard to tell from your description if you were only installing it over and over…

Look in device manager under USB… what does the PSoC device show up as? If it says unconfigured, then the ftk_3_simfw.hex file is probably deleted. Uninstall the DS update and the install again.


“We have spent pretty much the whole day reinstalling the Cypress software, and driver station updates”… yes, we uninstalled and reinstalled. And yes it shows up in the Device manager.

But, we finally did get it all working.

What did you do to get it working?

Our problem is that when plugging the PSoC to the USB Hub from the kit we get a message that says we exceeded the USB Hub power capability.

And the Red Power boost USB cable doesn’t help?
What kind of switches are connected to the I/O board?
What else is on the hub?

Can you just connect both the I/O board and the hub directly to the two available Classmate USB ports? And everything else into the hub?

You should plug the IO board directly into the classmate and everything else into the hub. This is the expected default configuration. It should be in the documentation somewhere, but I’m not sure where.


Thanks! Plugging the PSoC directly to the classmate and everything else to the USB Hub seems to work. I did not find a connection diagram either.
Warning: shorting the 3.3v on the PSoC (like with wiring mistakes) shuts it down: I/O light goes off and green light also goes off on the PSoC. Weird thing is that using 1 Analog Input port shows other 3 following. They probably need to be grounded.

This is typical of a multiplexed A-to-D converter having very high input impedance. If you don’t have a channel connected to anything, the input to the converter has nowhere to dump its electrons and thus retains the voltage from the previously selected channel.