Continuous integration for the 2019 build system

I discovered this cool post the other day:

And have since been converting my projects (Riocv-pi and barebonesFRC) over to gradle, as well as playing around with vscode. Earlier this morning I had the idea of using the simpler gradle build system to set up CI for myself and team #5024. Since I had a hard time finding info about setting up CI for c++, figured I should share my circleci script here for other people to use.

This is the repo containing the script and setup info:

Let me know if I should change anything in it, and I would love if someone could test it with java for me (I have no hope with Java)

Cool! One thing to know is when we release the 2019 libraries, the support for Unit Testing is GREATLY improved over previous seasons. The default project will be set up to allow unit tests, and you could just have ci run the Gradle test task. That is one big thing switching to Gradle allowed us to easily do.

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