Continuous Servo Code FRC

Our team is using the Smart Robot Servo from REV robotics. We have used the REV SRS Programmer to switch our servo into continuous mode. Yet I cannot find any commands to run the motor as a continuous motor. All i can find are .set and .setAngle which only work in the angular mode. So which command controls the servo in continuous mode and where can i download it if needed?

There is no difference in the PWM signals sent to a continuous vs standard servo. Technically, using set() the 0.0 to 1.0 range maps directly to a -1.0 to 1.0 range. So the servo’s set(0.0) would be identical to setSpeed(-1.0) on other motor controllers, set(0.5) would be the same as setSpeed(0.0), and set(0.25) would be the same as setSpeed(-0.5).

HOWEVER, while the Servo class doesn’t have a direct setSpeed() or equivalent method, Servo extends the PWM class which does have a setSpeed() method which means you should be able to use it just fine from the Servo class. PWM (WPILib API 2021.2.2)

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