Contribute GOOD ideas to The Angry Toaster!

Well, I’ve been trying to get the angry toaster ( off the ground for a week now. So far, we have 8 members. A lot of comments from my last angry toaster-related thread said that i need to come up with something that makes my site different from all the other social networks. So far, all I came up with was making a team store to sell your unused supplies (Which is actually up btw.) So I ask, is there something that teams would like in a site like the angry toaster that I should add?

Also, if you haven’t already, check out the angry toaster at and look at it. If you like it, register and get your team to register as well.

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I admire your drive.

That being said, what are you doing? New websites should be made to fill a need that other websites cannot. I think you’re doing it backwards. You really, really want to have a new website that you own and operate, but don’t know of anything you could do to set yourself apart. It’s like deciding you really should build a robot this year, you start building, and then halfway through you go “oh wait, what is the robot going to look like? Are we signed up for a competition? What’s the game?”

Anyway, you’re basically asking us to make your site for you.