control at the competition

not real sure where to put this , but i was wondering about router power at the competition. I have never done this before.
In the rules it says no power at the control station, so when we carry our control console to the station we have not power for the router. i see that for the classmate that is no problem, but what about the router so we can talk with the bot on the field. if they have a universal type router we plug into to, do they pair the router with the bridge on the bot??
any incite would be great

thanks john

There is an ethernet cable which you plug into at the driver station. From there the Field Management System (FMS) takes care of the rest. You will set a unique WPA key on your gaming adapter when you get to the event. That info is stored within the FMS and the field’s routers are synched every match to host networks that match those WPA keys. Once the scores for the previous match are shown and the match is advanced to the following round (that you will play in), the routers are reconfigured with those WPA keys and your gaming adapter will connect to it.

ok thanks