Control board on hinged door.

We have electronics on a folding panel. When it is up, the control board is such that the electronics is not accessible. When folded down everything is accessible. Does this obey FRC rules?

We had this in 2009 and 2010. There was no rule back then, haven’t seen a rule about it this year.


Remember R40 and R41. The 120A breaker has to be easily accessible, so it sounds like it can’t be mounted on the same board as everything else. Also, your power distribution board has to be easily visible for inspection - in other words, you’ll want to be pro-active at competition and make it quick and easy to fold it down for the inspector. Other than that, good luck with the design!

My guys are planning to have the 120A circuit breaker available from the outside. It will be available on the back of the board through a portal in outer shell. The board easily folds down for inspection.

You inspector will need to see all your breakers and all wiring during inspection. If anything goes wrong on your robot while on the field, personnel need to see all LEDs on everything to help diagnose a problem. If they can’t see, they can’t help you and you may find yourself sitting disabled for a match.

The PD Board and all circuit breakers must be easily visible for Inspecttion.

By making the diagnostic lights visible, Arena personnel are in a
better position to assist teams.

Are you referring to your operator console or your electronics on the PD board? This will make a big difference in which of these answers is correct.

Few operator consoles would have a 120A breaker.

OP doesn’t mention a 120A breaker.

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