Control Box Reconstruction

We are a returning team and our electronics box is not in the best of shape. Without a lid and many holes in the box, I shiver just looking at it and imagining it on a competitive robot. We were wondering if it was legal for us to purchase a box of the exact (or close to) size in which we could rebuild the electronics the exact same way that it is in the current OCCRA electronics boxes.

It is legal if it is replaced with the exact same box; they are sold for about $5 at K-Mart (among other places) . You could get one yourself or stop by OSTCNE (where our inventory is kept). Also, all teams should note: you must have the lid on the box! Last year, we had to reject a couple of teams at inspection because they did not have their lids. They had to build a lid from kit materials. This year, we will try to have an extra pile of lids at all events.

is it legal to mount the box vertically or must it be laying down?

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**is it legal to mount the box vertically or must it be laying down? **

last year, we mounted ours vertically and never had a problem. I would assume it would be the same this year. But, this isn’t and offical answer.

The box must be mounted for easy access and visability. The lid must be removable, and MUST be in place during all matches.

Consider gravity when positioning your control box. Any angle is ok as long as the parts do not fall loose and short out the system.

Many teams mount them on a angle.

Do Not forget to strain relief the wires!!!

Also the power switch should be easy to reach.