control box?

Does any other team use preset heights for the arm? So at a push of a button, it goes to that height, at another, it releases and drops so all u have to do is line up and drive away?

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Yeah, I’ve seen quite a few teams do this. Our team mapped all of the presets to the Xbox buttons and one of the axes, which allows us to get all 8 heights.

We used a seperate box to house all the different heights and setups, just to keep the co-pilot busy and to save up space on the xbox controller. just easier to use too

we have a rotary switch connected to the Cypress thingy, the switch is mounted on the control panel.

Yes, we have one button for each of the 6 of the peg heights and one for picking up off of the ground, we also have a pick button and a drop button. I will try to remember to take a picture of it tomorrow.

We have preset locations on all deliveries. We are using the x-box controller and when we push one button it goes up one level, we push it again it goes up another level, we push another button and it goes down a level. Between the two buttons we can go up or down to any level. We are using pneumatics to lift our fork lift like design.

I’m not sure how 1075 has their arm coded this year, but I know in 2007 we won a Rockwell Automation Innovation in Control award for doing exactly this with our pneumatically driven arm.

We run a state-machine with position recall, and sequencing of complex moves (such as going over backwards to receive from the slot, or scoring, or a few other things) using only 6 buttons (floor, human, mid, high, carry, bump white). We can also go to low, but ran out of buttons.

(our 2007 bot also had a three-joint arm, with two on the same plane, and could slide the tube in and out while maintaining constant height, and recalculate the second joint based on error in the first, but this years robot doesn’t need quite as much math).

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It has lights to show what preset you’re on, and also if it has gotten to the preset point yet. (Off when unactivated, flashing when moving, and solid when steady). Well, it doesn’t do exactly what you’re describing, but it does have all the functionality of the arm built into it.



Like others, we use the gamepad to select between a bunch of preset positions. We have manual adjustment of the arm position available “just in case”, which proved useful a couple times last weekend. Most of the time we use 8 positions - 6 for tube scoring, a stowed position and a pickup position.


810 is doing this as well, we also have a pretty nifty trick for our button layout, but I’m not going to reveal that here just yet…

I like the LED light-up idea! we have a rotaing switch that has heights for pick-up, carrying, low, mid, and high. We also named the heights after the tallest, shortest, and middlest people on our team. :smiley: We also have a manual mode incase the tube gets in an akward position. Great ideas guys! Maybe we can see them in person at Nationals!

Good luck guys!

Stay tuned for a picture of the completed control board from 364, complete with beige leather.

we have joystick buttons mapped to almost every imaginable arm preset and it seems to work very well (we don’t compete until this weekend)

NICE! didn’t expect someone to put leather on their control board! NICE TOUCH OF CLASS!

Haha. That’s exactly what we did, though yours looks better. We even did the flashing light thing too, actually. :slight_smile:

Somone had too haha i had a random cowhide laying around my house figured we could use it seems like thats where half the stuff for the robot comes from its going to look like a land rover seat it even comes complete with a handle