Control hub overheated issue

For FTC, why is the control hub always overheated

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This is a bizzare issue that I’ve never heard of. There’s almost certainly something wrong with your hardware if the control hub is indeed overheating, but more than likely it’s not, and the issue lies somewhere else. Chief Delphi isn’t the greatest place to ask questions about FTC, I’d recommend making a post with a bit more detail about your issue, what steps you’ve tried to already debug it, and what effects it has on your robot on the FTC-Community forum. There’s HQ staffers and FTC Tech Team members on there who will likely be able to help you fix your issue.


We’ve had the same issue over the years. It seems most common with long practice sessions.

Interesting. Despite many long practice sessions and meets that I’ve helped with, I’ve never seen this myself, so I’m suddenly wondering what we’re doing wrong (right?). For my own interest as a FTA for FTC, what are the indicators of this, and what do you do to compensate?

We first noticed this in Ultimate Goal season with the control hub simply no longer powering on. When we pulled it off it was warm but after leaving it alone for a few days it was able to power on without issue. We swapped in a new control hub anyway and mounted it to an aluminum plate just to make sure if it did get warm, the metal plate would help transfer the heat. This season, we had one overheat and fail to power on. We replaced it but the old unit still took a few days to power on again.

Ultimate Goal bot: Mounted flat to a piece of 1/4" polycarbonate and the bot was mostly enclosed like a big plastic box. Hub had 2 REV servos and a linear servo plugged in.

Power Play bot: Mounted flat to a 1/4" 3D printed plastic piece directly under another hub. Hub only had 1 REV servo plugged in.