Control panel and venue lighting

It’s great to see all of the ideas on manipulating the control panel. One topic I haven’t seen discussed is color recognition and venue lighting. The color temperature and spectrum emitted by venue lighting varies widely, and it is something that you need to accommodate on your robot.

Some things to consider:

  • use a light on your robot to illuminate the control panel where your sensor is looking
  • calibrate your robot at the event
  • looking upward and lighting the underside might provide a more controlled solution than doing the same looking downward

I’m sure there are other ideas on how to deal with this variation.

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In your teams code, you can check how confident the color sensor is, so as long as it is above a certain threshold (e.g. 80% confident) you should be good at competitions.

I imagine that the light on the REV’s color sensor should help control for different lighting situations. Keeping the sensor close to the surface you’re measuring probably also helps.

That being said, I definitely want my team to be able to calibrate the sensor during the field calibration time before each event after we get done calibrating our vision system.

Edit: The colors are also pretty far apart spectrum-wise. We’re looking at the difference between red and blue (and others), not pink and fuchsia

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