Control Panel Color Wheel Solution

Goshen Sign Products is proudly releasing a decal graphic for building your own control panel. The decal has been created with the exact CMYK values as described in the official game manual. In addition, it has a laminated surface on the contact side for maximum durability when testing mechanisms. It is designed to be attached to any surface (acrylic, plywood, plastic…) for maximum customization. The decal comes in a pack of 2 to complete the control panel. The pricing for the 2-pack is $35.

Sticker comes with protective cover for shipping.

Contact Goshen Signs at for placing an order.


Where exactly do u buy them from on the website

Send an email to the address at the bottom of the post.

Ok sorry I can’t read lol

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just tried and got immediate response saying undeliverable

Oof. I’m working with the company right now to get this resolved.

ok. i contacted the contact email on the website. wasnt sure how fast these would go lol

In the 2-pack, is one of them inverted? The bottom of the control panel requires a sticker with the color pattern inverted.


yo solid point. totally didnt notice. hope its a yes lol

It can be

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Perfect, thanks!

well for them to be the same on both sides they would have to be inverted, not just flipped over.
like this, IMG_7982.HEIC (825.6 KB)

if you want to check yourself draw the pattern on a sticky note, then put another on the back and copy the pattern, take it off and you’ll see its not the same. which i totally didnt think of until uttamking pointed it out. if it still can be inverted this way ill take the L on this one lol

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Company has taken care of it. Email works now too.


thanks a lot! this should be a big help!
do you work there or is the team sponsored by them? or did you work this out on your own accord?

Worked with the company to create it. They’ve helped us with other items in the past too.

Can you post a picture of the decal alongside the color swatch from the KOP?

The color match is critical. the actual game field prints are available. They will also shortly be listed on

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They also need to be run on the same color profile, ink and so forth, not just the same cmyk, others have tried it did not work. These are not a guaranteed color match like the actual game field prints that ARE available

To be that guy, AM is selling just the stickers for $150. Calibration can be done at the field to fix minor discrepancies between the colors. Even when the colors are exact, the lighting conditions between build space and the field will be different enough to justify a re-cal anyway.