Control Panel from Under the Trench

Our team is currently in the process of designing, prototyping, and building a robot that can go under the trench, and we would like to implement a spinner for the control panel in our design. We have yet to settle on a mechanism, which we would need to fold down so that we can go under the trench.

As it stands now our robot doesn’t use pneumatics, and so, in my opinion, it would be a pain in the @$* to make one just for the control panel.

Based on the designs I have researched so far, a piston seems to be the obvious solution: just attach a piston to a bar of metal on a pivot to pump the wheel spinner up and down as seen in these videos.

I thought of using a dart actuator as well, but from what I can tell they are fairly heavy and not very fast and aren’t optimal for a small bag motor and compliant wheel.

If a pneumatic system is the best way to go I guess there isn’t really a way around it, but I’d appreciate any input or workarounds anyone is thinking about.

Chain and sprocket can work. Same concept as the 'Snow Problem robot.

It should be possible to go all electric to do what you are wanting to do.

We used the concept that the 'Snow Problem Ri3D team showed for their climber to make this. In the video, the student is pulling up because we do not have a pulley. We are currently drawing up a pulley system to be 3D printed.

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