Control Panel Manipulation Survey

I’ve heard very little discussion about spinning the pinwheel, but what I have heard seems to indicate that that it doesn’t rate high on teams’ priority lists. I’m curious what the breakdown is of teams planning on entirely skipping that capability.

  • We are planning on building a control panel manipulator
  • We are not planning on building a control panel manipulator

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We are not-yet. Offseason possibility. Also the formatting in the poll makes it hard to see the results.


Good catch, but apparently I can’t edit those titles. Light blue IS building a control panel mech, dark blue is NOT.

Don’t worry about it, I think it’s just mobile layout.

I think we are. Not so much because it’s the most strategically important thing to do, but mostly because it’s pretty easy and our prototype was really promising really quickly. Seems like a layup.


I’m assuming this refers to the action in basketball and not the manufacturing process?

Never heard that phrase before.

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Me neither but it seems to refer to an action that is easily accomplished and advantageous.


I would agree based on context and my knowledge of basketball.

We chose to do it because it’s an easy task and can help us get the RP. But if we’re short on space, weight, programming resources, etc. it will be one of the first mechanisms to get dropped because we can tend to rely on our alliance partners to be able to do it.

Out thought process was similar. Additionally, because it’s so mechanically and programmatically easy, we aren’t worrying about it for now.

Not sure if it’s been addressed.
Is it beneficial to spin the panel both ways? And would turning it clockwise then counter clockwise reset the count?

For position control you can turn the wheel 1/4 turn instead of 3/4 turns. But otherwise no.



Well, maybe. Counter clockwise rotations after clockwise ones will decrease the count. To reset the count to zero, you would have to rotate counter clockwise all the way to zero.

this is a totally hypothetical scenario
So if i turned 1.5 rotations and wanted to go back .5 instead of forwards .5, will the count reset?

If you turned 1.5 rotations clockwise and then .5 counterclockwise, the count would be at 1.0.

Currently, we are attempting to build a trench bot. We think it is important that if we want to be comptetitive with a trench bot, that we are able to manipulate the wheel. Also, we have some talented programmers new to the team this year, and the engineering for it is an excellent learning experience. Finally, the mechanical engineering behind solving this challenge seems comparatively easy (especially with the neo 550, if we can slow it down enough to be effective).

I was under the impression that it said in the manual or Q&A that if you reversed direction the count resets for that new direction. But now that I’m looking, I can’t find that rule to quote it. The manual doesn’t say what happens if you reverse direction; either interpretation is possible based on the definition of ROTATION CONTROL. This is now Q275.

Q275 has been answered.

Revolutions in the opposite direction don’t subtract. The stack light will flash once the required number of rotations has been counted in a direction.

Q278 has been asked as a follow-up for further clarification.

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For week 1, we do not have an urgency to color match. We don’t see that being likely to be useful in week 1. We do see 10 easy points for the Level 2 task of spinning the wheel. So we will try to get that going. I think the Level 3 task of color matching will become relevant by week 3. Our second regional is week 5 so I hope we will make sure we have color matching by then.

We’re competing in week 1 and week 3, and see the exact same priorities. The color wheel spinner exists on the robot, but it’s going to be very basic functionality in week 1.