Control Scheme

Hey, a while back there was a post from the brazil team about a white paper of theirs, in it they coded their controls using sine waves… i spent about 5-10 minutes looking for it, and i couldnt find it, the problem is i cant spend much more time looking for it as i need to finish up my homework ( stupid GPA… ) I was curious if somebody could link me to the white paper or some where relevant THANKS!

Hmm I’m not sure if this is the right one…

no that one isnt it, although that is helpful ( our programmer was looking for math header files to use) it was an adobe PDF it was 7 pages I think it had graphs of the functions and about three pages of code…

This one was done from a team from Brazil and is 6 pages long but it’s about exponential curves for the joystick. x_x
I was searching while I was printing some stuff, but I’m done now and tired too, so I’ll head off to bed. I tried. Good night. :slight_smile:

Hi all!
I’m Gunter, from TribotecTeam. We are Brazilians.
I’m sorry but we don’t have the document in English, that could facilitate your comprehension. But the basic of the idea you can see in the diagrams.
We use this function since 2004, and it works very well! :slight_smile:
TribotecTeam will be glad to try to help you! Visit us at, our website.
At , you can find the “.pdf” archive.
At last, here is our forum: . Please post any doubt you find! Here at ChiefDelphi or at TribotecTeam Forum.
See you!
Gunter Wittlich

Nita got it for me! Thanks for the help!