Control System Layout Infographic

Made a control system layout as a 11 x 8.5’’ visual aid for training new members, to put as a 30 x 24’’ poster in our general work area, and as a digital resource.

It is somewhat influenced by 3128’s layout, but it is tailored to our brand standards, has a little bit more details on the components(if you zoom in the document), shows the minimum wire gauges for connections and the new motor controller introduced in 2019 is included. Motors and other components not visible in the layout were excluded due to space constraints.

PDF Link:

let me know of any more suggestions, more than happy to implement them if need be.



I would move the end of the POE cable connected to the radio closer to the barrel connector because this is what is required by 2019_R66.


Thnkae you so much that is a very nice graph for rookies. Can I have the name of the software you use to make this graph?

this is awesome we have an older one of these in our book of how to wire things but I think that I will replace it this year with that one because it has so much more detail. Granted the old one still had how to wire jaguars and the original talons

What you are referring to as neutral is more commonly referred to as ground.

Thanks!, changes will show up on the pdf link, and i used Adobe Illustrator to make this document.

Since “live” and “neutral” are generally used in AC power distribution systems, and nothing in a robot is actually expected to be at ground potential, for maximum pedantry, I’d argue that “power” and “return” are most appropriate here.

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I would keep it as power and negative because everything on the negative goes back to the negative terminal of the battery in the end

Looks great, will have to print out for my team and the CSA table. That said like @AustinShalit said the POE RJ45 should be moved next to the barrel connector. The only things I might have added would be wiring for a second PCM/VRM and wiring of a limit switch to the DIO ports.

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It looks like you can reduce crossings and make some groupings more obvious. Here are my suggestions:

  • Swap the locations of the VRM and solenoids, and possibly add a dotted line making the pneumatic system more obviously a module.
  • Rotate the VRM 90 or 180 degrees CCW, and route the radio power wires around the right side of the RIO.
  • Swap the camera and RSL locations, and route the PWM wires to the motor controllers closer to the RIO & radio so the RSL wires don’t cross them, or even better between where the radio and camera now are.

The diagram looks good!

One thing that these things never show is how to wire a 12V NPN 3-wire sensor (like some optical and ultrasonic sensors). That’s not really obvious to non EEs, so it would be helpful to show it.

Also, would you be willing to share your native file? I’d like to modify it to represent the way we wire our POE network hub

reduced the crossing non-can wires to 4, also @nuclearnerd do you have a diagram on how to wire these sensors?


I googled “12V PNP sensor wiring FRC” and found this (later in the topic found valid).

Also, yes - I like the relocations.

so like this?

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I’d add the resistors in, though the switch isn’t necessary.

The switch should have signal and ground connected, not 5v and ground.

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The wire to the DIO looks grey [signal] to me. As I think on it, I would likely also want to bring the ground (0V) wires from the PDP and the DIO together so the signal isn’t entirely free-floating relative to the RIO.

Added: Looking at the limit switch - IIRC, the DIO signal wires are normally pulled high through a resistor, so you use ground rather than 5V to the other side of the switch. Yes, in figure 16 of the User Manual.

Yes, you would generally put Ground (0v) on the common (as it is in the image) and then your Digital Input Signal line on either the NO or NC pin of the switch (where the red wire is currently running), relying on the pull-up resistors to keep the input from floating.

Also, amazing work on this Graphic! A few more revisions to the above noted concerns and I will certainly be looking into getting one or two large posters made for 3468’s shop and/or programming room!


also here’s a version optimized for 24 x 30 posters or larger sizes with the same aspect ratio: