Control System Layout Infographic

I love this graphic, and I may be borrowing this for my team haha

Ordered two 32x40" posters from PosterBurner of the layout graphic for team 3468 to put up in the Programming and Build Rooms. Thank you so much for designing this! No Bananas readily available, so Spatula for Scale.


This diagram is excellent. I’m also looking for any similar block diagram that shows example FRC code (preferably Java) and what each section of the code does?

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There are no code snippets, and I am not the best at diagrams, but I did make a sort-of “flowchart” of data for the Command-Based Model. You’re welcome to take a look:

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Is this for the old command based or the 2020 command based?

This is phenomenal.

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It would be the old one. Don’t know how much of this is changed by the re-write.

Thanks @stefenacepcion. That is great. I’ve sent a link to my team. We may borrow the idea from @ExploitSage and make a poster for the shop.

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At this level of abstraction, the differences are minor. It’s been a while since I looked at the new API, but the big real difference I see is that in the new command based paradigm, the commands, subsystems, and OI all interact with the scheduler, and not with each other (much cleaner, and enabled the much more flexible composition of commands than before). If drawing the diagram for 2020, I would probably separate the Robot and the scheduler.


This is excellent, thank you.

3161 has some amazing brand identity standards (“brandards”).

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imma shamelessly plugging our Brandards here


I don’t exactly know how this fits into the control system infographic discussion, but holy ■■■■ that’s nice. That’s nicest looking branding document I’ve ever seen in FRC.


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