Control System Stopped Working after switching into Auto mod - Was: Help were stumped

Ok team 2413 here, to start off we have a running robot, well had a running robot. One day while test driving the robot someone accidentally hit the autonomous swith on the Driver station and thats when everything went wrong.

When we turn everything on we can get signal to and from the robot. The buttons on the joystick still light up the LED’s on the cRIO but when moving the joysticks, the robot doesnt move. We’ double and triple checked all the wiring and everything seems to be where it needs to go. The jaguars dont seem to get a signal though they stay flashing an orange/yellow color.

We have replaced all things replaceable, jaaguar, sidecar, wiring, battery, and nothing is working. We’ve been stumped for three days and need some major help.

P. S. we have everyting enabled and on teleoperated on the DS.

I wonder if the driver station got “zapped”?

ok, I understand the problem, our robot did the same thing. We think its the controlers. They have been sending out signals from time to time but are not working correctly. We know this because we wused old electronics form last year and the programing works fine and the robot runs perfectly. Try using different joysticks. Hope this helps.

Thats what we were thinking too but we dont want to go out and spend the money on new joysticks to not have that be the problem

Connect the joysticks to a computer and test them in the control panels under joysticks and controllers.


When you have everything turned on, booted up, etc. etc and you think it should be working, what does the screen on the Driver Station say next to “Battery:”?

the battery says 00.00V which is what it said when it still worked. For a time being it had said 00.19V i dont know what that means though.

Can you elaborate on that?

That means you don’t have battery voltage going to the battery monitor circuitry on the analog breakout plugged in to the analog input module installed in slot 1 of the cRIO. Make sure the I7 selection jumper is installed between the outer two pins on that breakout, and make sure you have power to the WAGO connector on that breakout.

OK, umm the cRIO has the LED’s on one of the slots, and when you press the buttons on the joystick the the lights go on and off. But the joysticks arent responding to the jaguars and weve even replaced the jaguars

Ok se weve tested the joysticks and they are working correctly. What does the “being zapped” have to do with the DS? like what does that typically do the the DS?