Control system will have FPV in it?

Pay no mind to this, I’m just putting this here so i can quote it later. 2020 FPV game


I mean probably not, thinking about worlds, 20+ concurrent FPV streams is Not A Good Time. I’m ready to be proven wrong though.


I agree with you if everyone was using wireless headsets(ie. 5.8ghz signals). It may be possible though if it were done via usb into driver station.

With Video Quality worse than those $5 headsets you put your phone into. FPV will stand for Field Phull of Vomit

The issue isn’t on the driver station end. It’s on the robot-driver station connection, which is a) throttled to somewhere between 4 and 7 MBps and b) is on one of the noisiest wireless spectrums around. This last season, reminders to shut off wifi were EVERYWHERE.


Either way to get the video from your robot would require sending it over the wifi unless you wired it and had a tether to your robot. That would really be a struggle on the field wifi. The better option instead of a full FPV googles would be a Heads Up display glasses type of thing very similar to an augmented reality type of thing. If you had the FPV thing on you would not have any idea of what is around your robot and that could be a safety issue.