Control Systems Ideas/Projects during COVID-19

Hello friends,

Recently I’ve been having trouble trying to come up with projects or things that new recruits and veterans can do under the Control Systems sub team, it also doesn’t help that when I ask for ideas, I am only met with silence and surrounded with mute signs.

What are ways that you guys have maintain motivation on the sub team or team in general? What are projects that you’ve been able to accomplish during this time with limited resources? How can I continue coming up with ideas on my own?

All answers are appreciated.

Hello there, nice to see some teams still trying to keep afloat right now.

I have found the same troubles as you, but I have found a sort of way to try and balance the situation. Every week, the leads for each section of our team (mechanical, programming, etc), give off a presentation that they made, covering a course or lesson that is and will be relevant to the season.

As an example for programming, the programming lead creates an in-depth course getting new members introduced into java, and progressively get into more conceptual ideas that even veterans may learn from. This setup allows for us to not only create these slides and lessons for future groups of the team, but also help everyone involved with them learn more.

There are some drawbacks, however. You may not have enough people on your team willing to do these said presentation and lessons, because it does take a bit of time and effort. That is what at least I have partially experienced in the past while doing said activities. To sort of counter-act this, we make fridays a sort of game day for after-school hours, where we play group games, such as among us.

That is what we are doing at the moment, but if we have the time and resources, we hope that we can also do activities that can help out local community.

Edit: I believe they also released a virtual robot simulation to simulate inputs with certain controllers, haven’t looked far into it, but looks interesting either way. Robot Simulation — FIRST Robotics Competition documentation

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