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I’ve seen floating around Chief a Control theory textbook that was written specifically for FRC. It’s tag line was something along the lines of “Teaching grad level control theory to high school robotics students”. I can’t for the life of me find it again. Anyone happen to have a link?

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Perfect, thanks

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Fyi, you can basically skip everything in chapter 3 about transfer functions. It’s not that helpful for understanding what comes after.

Once you’ve done chapter 4, the only things you need to know with respect to chapter 3 are that the eigenvalues of A in \frac{dx}{dt} = Ax + Bu are the poles of the system, and pole locations have the responses shown in figure 3.2 “Impulse response vs pole location”. I’m rewriting parts of the book to eventually reflect this.


The link above is likely the book you are looking for. It has a lot of good stuff. But for those that might some simpler training, a couple of years ago I (quickly) put together some control system training presentations (and some executable demos). They couldn’t replace the book, but could be used to precede it.

The chapters of interest would be: 4) Combinatorial Logic, 5) Sequential Logic, 6) Timers, 7) Finite State Machines, 9) Analog data acquisition, 10) Open / Closed Loop Control Concepts, 11) Position Control (non-PID), 12) - Speed Control (PID)


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