Control with Switch Joycons?

Is it impossible?

Impossible no. FIRST legal, also no. They use Bluetooth and violate R92.


I mean, I suppose you could open them up, rip out the existing chips and wireless and such, and hack together a wired connection to the buttons and thumbsticks that you interpreted on your operator console.

But it wouldn’t surprise me if there were better uses for your money and time.


This just made me want a team to use a USB gamecube controller for their robot

Weird video game controllers have been done before.

Some people have even used a Wii controller, though still not competition-legal due to the wireless.

Some of you have way too much time on your hands.

It may be easier for most teams to do what 254 did with the Kinect :wink:

Sure, if you replace the internals with an Arduino and wire them to the computer

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