what would be the best way to control the balls in this years game

We probably won’t know the answer to that until mid-April.

man by then we still may not know

do you guys have any suggestions like would a plow be better than two prongs

Not if a plow makes your robot oversize or overweight.

There’s lots more to consider than just “what’s the best” way to do anything.

There is always different ways of doing things and each works well.

For instance, last year, there were a variety of roller grabbers (ie 233), conventional claws (ie 1114), grabbers that grabbed over the tubes (ie 254) and even claws that grabbed on the outside of tubes (ie 1038).

All worked pretty well. It’s not always necessarily the design as much as it is the execution.

what matters is not only how good some thing is but also what are you trying to accomplish with your robot. Some teams go for the hurdle… others keep it simple and don’t try for it. So what works best depends on what your gonna do.