controller for FLL bot

Is it possible to control a Fll robot fully with an XBOX controller or by app? When I saw fully control I mean are we able to use all the functionalities and control all sensor/motors.

if you by chance have the coding for the xbox controller that would be really helpful. Thank you for reading

The upcoming EV3 can be controlled with a smartphone app over WiFi. No code is available for this yet, as the EV3 hasn’t been publicly released.

The NXT can be controlled by bluetooth capable devices. Here’s an app that lets you control your robot over a smartphone.

It goes without saying that unless FLL radically changes its format, this is completely illegal for competition use.

well I wasn’t planning on using it for a legal competition were thinking about doing this for a summer camp to teach kids about engineering. Then if this is awesome enough we will start an offseason. But right now im just testing it