Controller help!!!!

i need to adjust the voltage sent out to my robot from my controller. for ex. the reason i would need this is so when you push your controller forward it takes alot of power to get your robot to start moving, but after it has started it takes off because there is less resistance than there was initially. well i want to change that so that the robot gradually accelerates,and doesn’t just quickly take off. I dont know if that explains it well enough but if you can help me at all that would be great!

Two possible options:

  1. Use speed feedback to control the robot. This will require a speed sensor.

  2. Use a digital filter to damp the input. This doesn’t, however, limit the final speed.

what type of controller are u using and is it going through a victor? if you use a victor, it works as a speed controller and the kit controller works well with it.

I believe the speed controller actually does limit the voltage already via PWM. It turns on the voltage to 12 volts and then shuts off for a time giving you a average voltage somewhere in between 0 to 12/-12. What you want is described by the other guy.