Controller size limit?

Hey, I was wondering if there is a limit to the max. size of the controller, thanks in advance for the replies!


You only get a certian space to set your controllers on. I dont know the exact dimensions though. If I find anything I’ll let you know.

Attached to the Alliance Station Wall are three aluminum shelves to support the robot control
systems of the three teams on the ALLIANCE. The support shelf measures approximately 60
inches wide by 12 inches deep. There is a 4-1/2-foot long by two-inch wide strip of Velcro tape
(“loop” side) along the center of the support shelf that may be used to secure the ROBOT controls
and Operator Interface. Each setup location includes a competition cable that attaches to the
“Competition Port” of the Operator Interface. This cable provides power for the team’s Operator
Interface and controls communications with the ROBOT. Emergency Stop (E-Stop) buttons for each
team are located on the left end of each Player Station shelf. Arena components (including team
number displays, competition arena hardware, alliance lights, control hardware cabinets and clock
displays) are also located above the Player Station and below the shelf.

Here is all the info you need. Let me know if you have other questions.

Sweet, thanks!

Yeah, does it matter what type of controller it is?

For example, could we use a steering wheel from a PS2? =)

You can use that controller. In fact, any controller is legal, as long as it connects to the ports on the OI. You can put a Chicklet in between if it’s a USB connector, or you can make your own connection.

Some relevant rules. THIS is why everyone keeps saying to read the manual, because the answers to most questions are in there. EricH is correct that you can make your own connection, but it needs to follow the rules - a PDA cannot be used, for example.

<R101> The OPERATOR CONSOLE designed by the team must fit on the 60” wide by 12” deep shelf in the Alliance Station (excluding any items that are held or worn by the DRIVERS during the MATCH).

<R105> All equipment connected to the joystick ports of the Operator Interface must be powered solely through the power available through the port. External power sources of any type are not permitted on any equipment connected to the joystick ports. Portable computing devices must not be connected to joystick input ports on the Operator Interface. Power-passive
devices (e.g. joysticks that draw their power solely through the Operator Interface joystick port) are permitted.

<R106> Devices connected to the joystick ports of the Operator Interface via a FIRST-approved USB adapter (the only approved USB adapter is IFI Part Number USB-CHICKLET) are excluded from Rule <R105>. If used, this USB adapter must be powered with a 7.2V battery functionally identical to the back-up battery. Power from the competition port or any other
source shall not be used to power the USB adapter. The USB adapter must be positioned within the OPERATOR CONSOLE so that the indicator lights may be seen during inspection and operation in a MATCH.