Controller won't connect to Accel function

We started off with Arcade Drive this year, and wanted to change it to Tank Drive, so we started changing things around using the code from last year as an example.
However, last year’s code had an Enum Constant named “Controller 1” that connected to the Open Accel function toward the top into an input that said “controller”. This year, on the other hand, will not allow us to connect “Controller 1” into an input with the name “controller”. Everything else works fine and connects beautifully. Any suggestions?

P.S. Sorry if the terminology is off–I just started programming in LabVIEW, so I’m trying to learn as I go.

I don’t remember how Accel Open used the controller 1 input last year.
Can you post the vi file from last year that used it, then we could look at it.
I’ll be in documents/LabVIEW Data/whatever last year’s project name was

Alternately, how would you like it to be used?

(Praying this will actually work!)

Almost, but not quite.

If you can’t post the actual last year’s vi, but have last year’s code, then
in LabVIEW,

  1. Highlight all that you took a screenshot of there in last year’s code
  2. Go to Edit->Create VI Snippet from Selection
  3. Save the snippet and post that
    A snippet is a special picture that also contains the actual code used.
    We can drag images that are Snippets onto a LabVIEW block diagram and it will be executable code.

So what the vi or the snippet will do is give us the actual code to look at.
The code is more than just what you see.

For instance, in last year’s code you can double-click on Accel Open and it will open that old vi and you can see what it did with the controller input.

Perhaps like this?
(Also, thank you so much for helping out! We really appreciate it!)

You did it right, but it didn’t do what I’d hoped for.
It turns to code, but still pulls this year’s Accel Open from this year’s library.

I’d suggest just removing the controller input and use the Accel Open with only the Accel Range as an input.
I can’t imagine what useful purpose the controller would have served anyway.
The internal accelerometer just sends back what it senses. There’s no controller input.

Okay, thank you so much! This was incredibly helpful!

Once upon a time, the roboRIO was a cRIO. It had modules that plugged into slots that read a specific I/O type, and you could plug in multiple modules. The subVIS for Open commonly took a channel # and slot # as input parameters.

When first ported to the roboRIO, this slot # input parameter was changed to controller, to let you choose which roboRIO. The implementation was never finished and the parameter was later removed.

Greg McKaskle