Hello, are we allowed to use controllers that aren’t Spark?

Of course. Check the robot rules for the full list.

This should be the full list
Motor Controllers:
i. DMC 60/DMC 60c Motor Controller (P/N: 410-334-1, 410-334-2)
ii. Jaguar Motor Controller (P/N: MDL-BDC, MDL-BDC24, and 217-3367) connected to
PWM only
iii. Nidec Dynamo BLDC Motor with Controller to control integral actuator only (P/N 840205-
000, am-3740)
iv. SD540 Motor Controller (P/N: SD540x1, SD540x2, SD540x4, SD540Bx1, SD540Bx2,
SD540Bx4, SD540C)
v. Spark Motor Controller (P/N: REV-11-1200)
vi. Spark MAX Motor Controller (P/N: REV-11-2158)
vii. Talon Motor Controller (P/N: CTRE_Talon, CTRE_Talon_SR, and am-2195)
viii. Talon SRX Motor Controller (P/N: 217-8080, am-2854, 14-838288)
ix. Victor 884 Motor Controller (P/N: VICTOR-884-12/12)
x. Victor 888 Motor Controller (P/N: 217-2769)
xi. Victor SP Motor Controller (P/N: 217-9090, am-2855, 14-868380)
xii. Victor SPX Motor Controller (P/N: 217-9191, 17-868388, am-3748)
Pneumatics controllers
i. Pneumatics Control Module (P/N: am-2858, 217-4243)

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