Controlling a Drivetrain with 2 Neos and 4 Cims

Hi, we are deciding to use Neo to use its built-in encoder on the drivetrain gearbox and we don’t have enough Neos yet to replace every motor to Neos. We want to try running with 4 Cims and 2 Neos for right now. I have done my research, and this post from last year said Neos cannot follow Cims. (Spark MAX following Talon SRX). However, a post this year suggested many teams have successfully run this configuration like Gators 5172 (Combining CIM and NEO in drivetrain?). So I wonder how can we run this configuration successfully?

I believe that you can just tell the Neo to follow the CANTalonSRX, and the neo library has some references to “Phoenix follower”.

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I’m not sure if following works, but since NEOs and CIMs run at similar RPMs (NEOs with 5880rpm and CIMs with 5330rpm), you should be fine just setting both motors to run at the same speed/power. Eventually the NEOs would end up pushing harder than the CIMs, but that’s fine. There is a drive configuration named after Paul Copioli in which CIMs and Mini CIMs are mixed. Mini CIMs run at 5840rpm so there isn’t anything mechanically wrong with your setup; the 40 extra rotations in a minute won’t have any noticeable impact on performance.

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While you can technically configure a SPARK MAX to follow a controller other than another MAX, we do not actively support this configuration.

However, I wanted to clear up one thing:

The SPARK MAX can drive both Brushless (NEO/NEO550) and Brushed (CIMs, etc.) motors. I know you said you didn’t have enough NEOs to fill out your drivetrain, but if you happen to have additional SPARK MAXs, you can have them following the leader while driving CIMs.

Otherwise, if you have to mix controllers, it is perfectly acceptable to set the MAX and set the Talons separately in your drive code.


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