Controlling a Falcon 500 without a Roborio and PDP

My team is looking for a way to control a Falcon 500 motor without using a Roborio and a PDP. This year we used an Arduino and a Victor to control 775 Pro motors with PWM in order to test prototypes. Since Falcons are brushless, we can’t control them the same way. I was wondering if other teams found a solution for this.

The Falcon is controlled by the built-in TalonFX. All you need to do is give voltage and a PWM/CAN signal.


PWM Instructions
Either of the Talon FX’s built-in CAN bus wires can be used to control the device
using PWM. In addition, one set of twisted pair wires have a male PWM connector while the other has a female PWM connector. This makes it easy to connect the Talon FX with many PWM controllers, such as the roboRIO and several VEX microcontrollers. The PWM signal used to control the Talon FX should be between 1-2ms in duration with a center (neutral) pulse of 1.5ms and a period between 2.9-100ms. The PWM period is how fast the robot controller can send a new PWM pulse. The amount of time between the rising edge of one PWM pulse to the next PWM pulse should not be less than 2.9ms or greater than 100ms.

Should get you on the right track.