Controlling Jags without Digital Breakout

Is it possible to control a jaguar without the use of the digital breakout board? We have our breakout board bagged and tagged, but wish to try and calibrate some of our extra jags to see if we can get closer to perfect driving.

You can use the CAN bus to drive the Jaguars. The Kit of Parts comes with an unassembled DB-9 to RJ-12 adapter and a 6 foot, 6-conductor phone line. These two things plus two 100 ohm resisters and the end of phone cord are all you need to connect to a Jaguar and use CAN to send commands to them.

Well, there is a bit more, like re-imaging a cRIO to use a Black Jaguar as a CAN bridge, and changing your code to use CAN instances, but you will have a lot more latitude in what you ask the Jaguars to do for you.

More info can be found at, and at the CAN sub-forum here at Chief Delphi.

The digital breakout board provides headers for PWM cables. There may be a way to harness the requires pins from the 37-conductor cable, but it won’t be easy. The CAN route is relatively solder free, inexpensive, and opens up the possibility of closed loop control on the Jaguars.