Controlling Old Robot Signal Light

I have an old RSL from 2006 (1.5" square) with 4 wires. Black, Red, Orange and Blue.

Does anyone know how to power/control it? Just supplying 12 volts doesn’t do anything.

I’m thinking you’re talking about the diagnostic LED flasher. It was connected directly to the IFI robot controller’s “team color” pins. I don’t know if the driving circuitry was documented anywhere, but it’s possible hooking 12V directly would fry it.

I don’t know specifically what voltage that the light requires, but on the idea of controlling it I bet you could a relay from a few years back connected over the pwm to the robo-rio

There doesn’t appear to be any wiring specifications. It was intended to be driven from the IFI controller and showed either Red or Blue dependent on the channels used.
From the IFI controller manual…
“There are four team color connectors which all output identical signals. Each connector is meant to drive one team color LED unit for identifying which team your robot is on. Team color LED units are included in your kit or are available from Innovation First.
By default, these LED units will display red if you are using the default practice channel of 40. If you use a channel adapter to change to another radio channel, the team color will differ.Channels 4, 22, and40 will cause a red team color to flash, while channels 13 and 31 cause blue. In general, the user cannot control the team color, because it is set by the Arena Controller during competition.”

I also found this that may be helpful…