Controlling VictorSPX and SparkMax with CAN

Hi! I have a question on controlling VictorSPX and SparkMax simultaneously (using arcade drive)

Question: Is it possible to use 2 VictorSPX and 2 SparkMax to control a 4 CIM motors drivetrain?
I’m planning on controlling 2 left motors with VictorSPX and 2 right motors with SparkMax.

Thank you,

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There shouldn’t be any problem doing it, but you won’t be able to use follower mode across manufacturers; you’ll have to set both motors manually.

Thank you!
I tried using DifferentialDrive for the 2 motor groups, but it didn’t work.
Can you show me how I can do it manually, please?

You’re going to want to be more specific if you want useful responses.

Sure! This is the problem:
The constructor DifferentialDrive(VictorSPX, CANSparkMax) is undefinedJava(134217858)

How can I fix that?
Thank you so much.

Your problem isn’t related to mixing VictorSPX and CANSparkMax, but not using the VictorSPX correctly with the WPI drive classes.


Thank you so much for your help! It worked.

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