Controlling WS2812 with labview

I was trying to control a WS2812 led strip with labview for my robot but couldn’t find a tutorial for it. Is it possible/easy to setup? If not, is it against the rules to use an arduino to control the lights? Thank you

I can’t really help with using LabVIEW to get your LED strip up and running, but so long as you follow the custom circuit rules outlined in the manual an Arduino is perfectly legal for controlling lights.

From the looks of the LED, I think it’s using the same standard that other addressable less do.

You should be able to us the wpi led strip his (new this year) to create a reference on a dio port, and write a color to each via the SetLED vi.

(Afk, I’ll try to post some snippets of what this looks like when I get home from work)

Have you looked at the LED Strip Lights example in LabVIEW?

Go to the PWM library and drag the Open LED vi into Begin, set the PWM port and the number of LEDs you plan on lighting up. Start with one to make it simple.

Then somewhere else, like teleop, in the same PWM library pullout Write LED vi. It’s input is a array of colors. Just define a constant for that input and define the single color.

Run it up and the LED should light up.

But look at the physical wiring of the LED strip. The wires on the strip do not match the PWM port on the Rio. The ground, 5v and signals are not in the same order. We had to switch the pins around.