ControlMode.Velocity Tuning

I know that the season is pretty much over, but I have been thinking a lot about next year. Essentially, I would like to use ControlMode.Velocity on our Falcon500s to have a more consistent robot. First off, do you all think this is a good idea? Next, I am sure that we would use the Phoenix Tuner to find fPID values, so in what order should I tune things? I believe that we should tune Feedforward first (but is it overkill to tune P, I, and/or D as well?) Finally, given an x, y, and z value from the controller, how could this be converted into an array or an object of four motor speeds in encoder ticks/100ms (the units for ControlMode.Velocity)?

Oh, and another thing: I know that there are many different methods for a TalonFX motor controller, so when initializing a motor controller in a constructor, what should my “go-to” (setter) methods be (setting stator Limits, etc.)? As of now, I really only set the braking mode, but I know that I should be doing more, especially if I want to use ControlMode.Velocity, so what do you guys think?


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