Controls, Systems, and Embedded Software Engineers Wanted

Interested in a job that’s a lot like FIRST? The company that I work for is looking to hire some engineers with backgrounds in control systems, electronics, and/or embedded software.

The company company I work for is a small niche-product company that designs custom control systems for companies that don’t have control engineering capability. Because of this, a lot of what we do is control systems from a clean sheet of paper, and the turn around time is pretty short. This makes the work a lot like working on FIRST.

For the controls/systems engineer openings, a good knowledge of Matlab/Simulink/Stateflow is needed. LabVIEW knowledge can come in handy. A working knowledge of C is needed.

For embedded software engineers, C is necessary along with knowledge of real-time microcontrollers and associated hardware. Simulink knowledge is highly helpful.

The company is located in Plymouth, MI, which is about 12 miles ENE of Ann Arbor. Due to the location, we do a lot of automotive related work, but we also do work in other industries.

If anyone is interested, please send me a PM.