Converted 2015 code to 2014 Java | Nothing Working Well


I have tried to convert my 2015 code to 2014 libraries. I converted it and fixed most of the errors. I had to change the types of the motor controllers all to jaguars. When I try to use the buttons or drive the robot, none of the controllers run. They stay blinking yellow (orange?) after booting the robot. Below is my code on GitHub. I have tried lots of stuff, any ideas?

Michael York

Are you using jaguars on the robot? I think the main reason for the switch was to get an expanded control system, which might be why you are having errors. I would recommend staying with 2015 Java as it is designed for the 2015 system.

I converted it to the 2014 system because the only other robot we have uses the cRIO, we couldn’t afford another roboRIO.