Converting Solidworks 2018 Deep Space Field to Inventor 2018 parts

Hi folks,

I can’t find a good way to convert the Solidworks 2018 field to Inventor 2018 (my school never got the sponsorship nor licenses for SW). Does anyone have a recommendation or which parts to open into inventor?


edit: or do any other Autodesk products function to open them? I heard about Fusion but wasn’t too sure on that.

Fusion can open basically any file so should be able to open the SW parts. However, I tried twice with Fusion and it kept on saying that the top level assembly file for the full field is corrupt or missing something so I couldn’t open it.

Thanks for the reply. What file are using as the top level assembly?

Took me a while to find the top level file. Don’t remember the name, but sort by size: it’s the largest sldasm file.

I’m now trying FE-00042.SLDASM

Here is a STEP export. Should import into older versions of Inventor. There were a few import issues with the model from SolidWorks to Inventor 2019.

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Thanks! I just got this when trying to manually port into Fusion before I saw your link:

Not sure about Fussion imports. I got several errors and warnings when importing into Inventor as well. You’ll see several pieces missing in the STEP I uploaded. Don’t think anything to important is missing.

Inventor did the trick, thanks again!

No, I don’t think much is missing but the Rocket nosecones. SW has been giving me errors about it, I’m just suppressing them and forgetting about it. As a side note, the missing parts according to SW (I didn’t bother looking) are something along the lines of GE-19116 Red, GE-19117 Red, GE-19116 Blue, and GE-19117 Blue. That seems to correspond to the nosecones. Good luck!