Converting Solidworks assemblies to Inventor, feature recognition issues

Hi Chief Delphi,

I’ve been trying to convert our robot assembly, which is a Solidworks (2015) file to Autodesk Inventor, in order to be able to use it in BXD Synthesis, an FRC simulator. Past attempts have resulted in my being able to open the assembly, but without any constraints or mates intact. To avoid having to redo all of the relationships in the assembly, I figured I’d use a translator (Autodesk Feature Recognition), which should work but displays an error each time I try to open and translate my assembly. Can anyone give me advice? Assistance in any of these issues (getting feature recognition to work or just being able to convert with the mates intact) would be incredibly helpful. Thanks!

Originally, how were you converting your assembly in Solidworks for it to work with Inventor? Were you saving it as a STEP file, or were you trying another method.

In the past, saving it as a STEP file in Solidworks, opening the STEP file in Inventor, and resaving it as an .iam file has worked for me. All the constraints and relationships were as originally placed.

Please elaborate on your original method of transferring it over. Thanks!