Converting step files to inventor files

I have searched on how to convert step file to inventor files with no real answer. i want convert the step files andymark and ifi use, so i can use them in inventor. Does anyone know how to do it, please enlighten me.:confused:

Inventor ought to be able to open STEP formatted files natively. Once you’ve opened them, save them as Inventor formatted files so you don’t have to go through the conversion process every time you need them.

ohh i see now, sorry, I guess it thought it would be more difficult. Thank you

^Yeah, basically what he said. When you import them you’ll notice they come in as one giant part though, and the colors will change to the default grey, so it’ll be a little confusing if it’s actually an assembly. We used the AM shifters and converted them from step’s into .ipt’s. The shifters had extra parts on them that we have to extrude off as well. so it was really handy once we saved it as .ipt’s.

Not only that, but if it’s an assembly, there will be 0 constraints when you bring it back in. It took forever to constrain the Andy Mark transmissions.