Cool Chassis... ...climbs stairs too...

/. had a link to this The Journey Robot the other day (pictured above).

I didn’t see it in the “News” section of, so I thought I would post a thread.

If you have broadband, be sure to check out the videos. Very impressive.

Note that it has six wheel drive, as every self respecting robot should :wink:


Joe J.

P.S. I’m not here and you didn’t read this :wink: I am much too busy at Robotic Amusements, Inc., getting ready for our product launch at the AMOA Show in Sept. Wish us luck…

That looks awesome.

That suspension arm looks fairly familiar.:wink:

It’s the same suspension arm from the Traxxas T-Maxx and S-Maxx.

I saw some of the videos and that thing is awesome. I was wondering, does it have steering capabilities, or just tank drive? Kudos to the guy that designed and built it, but how fast can it go?

And E-Maxx, for anyone who is searching for the same parts. :slight_smile:

Thats awesome. It would be cool to see some uneven surfaces again in the next year or two and maybe see some designs similar to that on the FRC scale.

I’ve thought about FRC suspensions, it’d be pretty intresting to see a game with it, but i think more people would resort to using treads more often than a suspension.


What is “hidden” in this thread is the fact that 2 great FIRST engineers have ventured out to start their own business, Robotic Amusements, Inc. I think that this is very exciting and inspiring. We should all wish them luck and try to support what they are doing.

We all know of “Dr. Joe” and his involvement on ChiefDelphi since 1996 (and I you don’t you should study a bit). Mike Ciavaglia is his partner in this venture. Mike has also been an engineer on team 47 for a long time, and even had a hand in helping team 461 (Westside Boiler Invastion) while a grad student at Purdue. Mike was a judge at this past year’s Boilermaker Regional.

Joe, Mike… can you give us more info on how Robotic Amusements is progressing?

Andy B.

How many people watched the hat trick video? Think about this if the robot traveled 500 ft and back to land on the same place, that means it traveled 1,000 ft and at worst is within a 5ft radius of its target. Thats pretty impressive and i have to wonder to what that range extends to before it looses accuracy. Does anyone know if it uses GPS or some type of accelerometer system?