Cool cutting edge graphics

Since there’s no action in this forum, I thought I’d post some cool links.
SIGGRAPH is the be-all end-all annual event in computer graphics. The latest technology is shown here, and a few years later, it starts to show up in commercial applications.
Here is a link of all the technical papers presented at SIGGRAPH 2008.
Some of it is too technical for me to understand, but the demo videos speak for themselves.

All kinds of stuff - painting, motion capture, rigging, realtime global illumination, soft body dynamics, etc… check it out!

Pretty interesting stuff. Then I saw the words “Differential Equations” and hid under my desk.

I don’t know what half the titles are even hinting at, but the ones I understand seem pretty cool… and just when I thought I had photoshop mastered…

Some of my favorites are:
Fast Viscoelastic Behavior with Thin Features - doing bad things to the Stanford bunny (a test model that replaced the buddah that replaced the Utah Teapot)

Articulated Mesh Animation from Multi-view Silhouettes - motion capture from silhouttes - no markers involved

Real-Time Gradient-Domain Painting -

Self-Animating Images: Illusory Motion Using Repeated Asymmetric Patterns
This will make your eyes buggy! they appear to move, but they don’t.