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Here is my collection of engineering links. I have spent too long on this lol, and in my opinion it is only 1/2 way done because there are so many interesting technologies. I planned to make this archive to inspire people’s interest in engineering. Every link has either pictures or video. Enjoy!

Please post feedback and/ or some of your own cool links and I will add them to the archive. I would particularly like it if people could post some of their own engineering links, then I could post a new version of the archive every couple of weeks. I know that with people’s help the archive of links could grow far faster than with just me trying to find the links. I am looking for any innovative technologies. I would prefer links with video, but I will accept pictures too. Thanks!

Nice list.
Here are couple of more generic gerenally helpful links. - materials info - contains many useful engineering formulas - very basic but good laymans explanation of many engineering concepts

Thanks. I could also make an engineering resource section. After the championship is over I guess I will have more time to work on these links lol. I kinda did not work on the links for 6 weeks. Check out this link, this page has a whole lot of robotics links:

Hi everyone, I would like to announce that I think I will have a new version of the links posted in 2 weeks. I will let everyone know when the new version comes out.

I originally intended for the links to be of just robotics oriented, but the next version will be mostly adding to non-robot stuff. Most of the new robotics links will be of lego mindstorms. A lot of the non-robot links will be military related things, in particular high tech tanks. I have to say that it is hard to find good videos of military technology, at least non-violent ones. Does anyone have any ideas? Also, I was wondering is someone could send me some Vex related links. Thanks.

i dont know if you have this link yet cause my stupid dial up is being slow again(sattelite in 1 week) but is a great robotics site

how the Woz’s watch was designed:

also, is there some mysterious reason why your wonderful list is a Word document, rather than a web page (html)? just curious…html seems to be much more convenient for this type of thing.

Thanks for the links. My list of links in on Word Document basically because I did not know html when I made them (going to learn html). I wanted them to be more usable for websites but that didn’t really happen. The links are on our team website and as far as I know the only thing that is messed up is the text size.

So far, wikipedia and has defeated me with engineering links and info, but the one thing that they tend to lack is videos.

Hey everyone, a new version the my archive of links is ready. :smiley: The new version is at least 50% longer and is 14 pages long! This took a long, long time…Lots and lots more videos. This new version now includes: Tanks, Missles, Helicopters, Planes, Vex, Lego Mindstorms, Rube Goldberg machines, and of course Cockroach Controlled Robots. Lots of cool new stuff, of course I also added some stuff to the original topics.

Heres the link to the new archive:
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I will say again that feedback or links are welcomed. is useful for some basics knowledge.

Here are some random engineering links I’ve collected over the past few semesters.

Online Periodic Tables (Probably the best one) (Pretty good too)

Units/Measurements/Grid Paper (Graph paper generator, very cool) (cool program)

Reference Stuff (Good source of online engineering books)

Wow! Some very detailed explanations of engineering concepts and some useful links for science courses. I hope that building FIRST robots does not get that complicated. These links would go in the engineering resources section.

Just last night I went to the history channel website and they had great engineering videos. For example, bullet trains, the largest battleship, the largest vehicle, ICBMs, the Maginot line. I found 12 2-3 min long videos just last night. I am pretty sure that most of them were excerpts from Modern Marvels. I think it’s a really interesting show, does anyone else here watch that show?