Cool Views

I recently came across this site:

To quote from the site: “A seamless zoom from space to the ground, using data from Terra/MODIS, Landsat/ETM+, and IKONOS, and ending at Spaceship Earth in Epcot outside of Orlando, Florida”.

Bandwidth warning! some of these files are huge!

Look carefully at the parking lot at Epcot and you will see the FIRST championship arena from the 2002 competition.

For those of you who are bandwidth limited, I cropped a TIFF still and converted to jpeg.




Thats kool…

I love a cable connection on a 4 GHZ pros.

-Greg The Great

I remember this video from a long time ago, someone posted it on the forums back in 2001. I think the FIRST stuff is actually from either 2000 or 2001.

Thats pretty cool…

I’ll have to show that to my dad, he was recently working on a project to do just that, but anywhere satilite imagagry was available, on an ondemand realtime basis.

And you thought this took alot of bandwidth…


pats his dual OC-256 fibre lines attached to a misconfigured Cisco router

If all of these really were taken from space and from a satelite available to the public (or atleast to researchers), just think about the resolution the government has up there…

puts on tinfoil hat

That just makes it easier for them to pick you out.


the video is cool…

For those of you who would like to try this yourself, go to

There is a 15 day demo, but it is kind of cool to pick your house out in full color satellite pictures. It is much better than Microsoft’s TerraServer site.

Note: resolution varies depending on location and you must have an nVidia, ATI, Intel, Matrox, or S3 Graphics card.